Cosplay Contest


Cosplay at Arizona Matsuri

For all festival attendees, we kindly ask that you keep in mind that this is a family friendly event for all to enjoy. We are asking all attendees, who plan to wear a costume to this festival, to keep in mind our primary mission is to celebrate Japanese culture. This is not an event for general cosplay, and we therefore strongly discourage attendees from wearing costumes, cosplays of non-Japanese origin (video game, manga, anime, etc.).

Regardless of whether you participate in the contest or not, we would however like to encourage all festival attendees to respect the tradition of Matsuri and keep your costumes Japanese related.

Please enjoy your time at Arizona Matsuri!

Arizona Matsuri Dress Code

No Weapon Policy (Real or Fake)

If it looks like a weapon, we will ask you to leave it in your car or ask you to leave the festival if you refuse. This includes plastic swords, knives, or other weapons or props including those used for Cosplay. If a festival volunteer or security observes any attendee carrying such a prop, they will be asked to take the prop off the festival grounds immediately.

No Over-Sized Cosplays or Props

Over-sized cosplays are a safety hazard and will not be permitted on the festival grounds. If, (a) you can carry a prop in one hand, and (b) it does not hang off your person more than 3 inches, and (c) it is not taller than you, you may have it on person. Props that don’t meet the criteria will be considered oversized. In general, certain props may be allowed on stage for the cosplay contest only, as their size is a safety hazard for our small grounds. As stated above, weapons of any kind or appearance are not allowed anywhere on the festival grounds

All Props Must be Peace-Tied

If your prop is not peace-tied, you may not be able to bring it into the festival or for the cosplay contest. To get your prop approved and peace-tied, please visit the booth next to the info booth which is C4 on the map. No cosplays of non-Japanese origin (video game, manga, anime, etc.) will be allowed. You must comply with all general Arizona Matsuri dress code and cosplay contest rules.

60% Clothing Rule

You must be at least 60% clothed. This means shirt, bottoms, shoes. No inappropriate clothing, as this is a family event with attendees from all age groups.

No Flash Mobs or Street Performances

This is a safety hazard, as our festival quickly becomes crowded, and we need to make sure that those with disabilities are able to easily maneuver and, in the case of an emergency, we can get people to safety.

No Photos in Busy Areas

This is another safety hazard. If you would like photos taken, please be courteous and do not obstruct the pathways, especially in congested areas. If you would like to take photos of your own, please do not take them in any thoroughfare.

Cosplay Contest Rules

1. Large props that meet the dress code policy are allowed ON STAGE ONLY. Your prop must be left at the peace-bonding booth or in your vehicle before and after the contest. You may not walk around the festival with a prop that does not meet the dress code policy.

2. No cosplays of non-Japanese origin (video game, manga, anime, etc.)

3. Walk-ons only. We do not have enough time for a skit or music.

4. All props to be used during the contest MUST be peace-tied and approved BEFORE the contest.

5. You must comply with the general cosplay rules and dress code policy for our festival as well to be approved for contest entry.

As a reminder to cosplay photographers, photoshoots are prohibited on the matsuri grounds as standing in one place for too long can become a safety hazard. We have a professional photographer who has their own booth.